WELCOME to my website. I employ sculpture, installation art, public art and community engagement art in my processes that investigate a concern for “the responsibility for what I am/you are and for the piece of land I am/you are standing on”. (I bow to Joyce Wieland). Engaging a feminist, earth centred ethic, I think, meditate, work, research, morph, and create within diverse structures/paradigms such as: Random and by Chance Processes, Haptic Intelligence, Handmade and Craft Processes, Holistic Health, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Subtle Energy, The Chakra System, New Ageisms, Nature and Environment, Public Art Engagement, The Art of Walking.

FILTER. A sort of kidney.

09_Filter_Andy Berg_Glazed Stoneware,sil

FILTERInstallation View, Verb Gallery, 2019.

Ceramics with glazes and silk screen underglazes. Push pull, in out. Handwork in clay. Automotive detritus. Random gathering. Quasi French Provincial End Tables. Ladder. Combines. Other stuff, bits of metal remanents from my home town streets. Or maybe your home town streets. A something indwelling within this driving carboniferous world. Gotta pump it through the system. Hum. Thrum. Hum. Cast in concrete. It's solid. Protect self with automotive heat shields cause they can stop grass from burning under your vehicle. Speaking of vehicles, here's a ladder to the stars. Kidneys. It's all about your kid. Never too late to have a happy childhood. FILTER: In.Out.In.Out. 

(Below, installation detail with silk screen text in glaze and underglazes.)

10_Filter detail_Metal objects,Glazed st