Pre-Install shot of Mappined Terraces sculpture elements and found objects at Unit 115 Floor Kingston Arts Council 2018. Dimensions variable.

Stoneware, Cast Cement "Building Blocks and Green Spaces", Pine Boards, Found Table Base.

01_Mappined Terraces_Pine,Found Table Ba

MAPPINED TERRACES: White stoneware clay, cement and mixed media sculpture installation.                                                                         Hand made sheep-like figures standing as analogues for humans. Rough-cut pine lumber. Found metal school table base. Cast cement "building blocks" and "green spaces".

In this sculpture installation, I invite visitors to install Mappined Terraces according to a rubric that I provide them as part of an opening night event (here shown at the Unit 115, September 2018). The rubric-invitation is for participants to arrange the sculptural components into an expression suggestive of confinement, or feeling trapped or stuck, or of hiding. Their actions become a performance, a negotiation, a relationship. The material of Silica (ubiquitous within clay and cement and also our built urban environments) is also a homeopathic remedy called Silicea that in this work, functions as a discursive and holistic presence. Therapeutically, Silicea is used to remove splinters and shrapnel, induration, addresses fear of needles and doctors, provides "grit", as well as ameliorating certain personality aspects of "fixedness" or "clinging to mother". 

Mappined Terraces as a performative process for engaging others in the sculptural action of making and curation of a mixed media sculptural installation, queries notions of artwork completion, function, interpretation and even, authorship in art. 

05_Andy Berg_Mappined Terraces__Cast Con