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Ceramic and Mixed Media Sculpture Installation

UNIT 115 gallery, Kingston Arts Council 2018. 

05_Andy Berg_Mappined Terraces__Cast Concrete Objects,Stoneware Animals,Pine Boards,Table

MAPPINED TERRACES:                                                                        
Sculpted stoneware sheep-like figures. Rough-cut pine lumber. Found metal school table base. Cast cement "building blocks" and "green spaces".

In this sculpture installation, I invite visitors to install Mappined Terraces according to a rubric that I provide them as part of an opening night event September 201). The rubric invited participants to arrange the sculptural components into an expression suggestive of confinement, or feeling trapped.  Their actions become a performance, a negotiation, a relationship, a public collective curation and a final sculptural installation.  

AQUA VIVA with Community Participants, clay creation workshop  

02_Andy Berg_Aqua Viva Clay Maker Workshop_Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning_Clay an
03_Andy Berg_Public Unveiling of Aqua Viva Community Wall Sculpture at Tett

AQUA VIVA: Great Art for Great Lakes Community public art wall work, 

Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning, Kingston, ON permanent installation

Community and Artist, Andy Berg's hand made relief stoneware tiles with community inscriptions, stamping, polychromatic glazes and sgraffito carved designs. Mounted on steel backer and engineer stamped. 200+ community made tiles. Canada 150 and Trillium grant project awarded by Waterlution NGO.  

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