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Ongoing series

Stoneware and Porcelain with glazes and oil paints. 

What is the life, what are the conditions of an unwanted north-eastern American native plant which survives human atttempts at eradication, Onacleas Sensibilis, aka the Sensitive Fern?

Onacleas Sensibilis 3.jpg
Onacleas Sensibilis I original.jpg
Onacleas Sensibilis II_Andy Berg-jpg copy.jpeg

from top left: Onacleas Sensibilis 3, Onacleas Sensibilis 2, Onacleas Sensibilis 1

Air Vessel With Incised Form view 1, 2022.jpg


Stoneware vessel structure for holding air and materialized human elements, porcelain body part structure (aka materialized human element) with inlaid under-glaze at the entrance of one side of AIR VESSEL, various over glazes, 2020

below side view

Air Vessel with Incised Form view 2.jpg
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