Community Engagement Public Art Project

Great Art for Great Lakes Kingston Artist 

03_Andy Berg_Public Unveiling of Aqua Vi

AQUA VIVA public unveiling CULTURE DAYS 2017

Install view, Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning, Kingston, ON. 

Artist, Andy Berg, far right image. 

Permanent Public Art work consisting of low relief sculpture wall work mounted on fabricated steel metal support, engineered, professionally installed. Over 200 handmade community tiles and stamps, polychrome stoneware glazes, stoneware clay, community relief text and images. AQUA VIVA incorporated the use of public space, the community (mostly non-artists) as both clay makers and audience, inscriptions by the community about their relationship to Lake Ontario. Berg held three community claymaker events, one guided Lake Ontario waterfront walk and participated in an opening night launch for Great Art for Great Lakes Kingston in which participants created clay stamps to be used in the wall work.  

02_Andy Berg_Aqua Viva Clay Maker Worksh
Aqua Viva community glazed and fired cla

AQUA VIVA, Clay making event, June 2017 at Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning with Kingston Community Participants (left image). Community 

clay pieces after they were glaze fired at Kingston Potters Guild in the Tett Centre, Kingston. Aqua Viva entailed a number of Berg's art processes